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In 1881 it was the first time that a man was sent to fly in Iran’s sky contemporaneous with king Naseredin government. This man was a french guy that flew around Tabriz sky with a balloon.
It was the first time that the people had seen an airplane in Tehran’s sky in the last days of 1923 .They came out of their house so they could see this flying creature closer.The airplane landed in a square in center of Tehran city which was placed for military drills.During the landing it had an accident and damaged very bad.This airplane was built in France and named Bleriot XI but a Russian pilot conducted from Russia to Tehran. The Iranian technicians fixed it and turned it back to Russia.
Junkers which means German Nobleman  was a very great company in Germany that their main job was manufacturing airplanes in this country that they signed an agreement about the commission matters in airlines services with Iran government for 5 years.
The new company with the name of Junkers airlines registered in Iran.the first regular airlines services started to work in 8th of February in 1927 in Iran and changed a turning point in non military aviation in Iran’s history.
At first Junkers airlines had commissioned two flights from Tehran-Anzali Harbor and two flights from Tehran-Ghasreshirin in a week.
In February in 1928 these flights spreader in Baku in Republic Of Azerbaijan and Baghdad in Iraq and also some flights to Busher through Isfahan and Shiraz to Mashhad and to Tabriz  through Qazvin was added to Junkers airlines. During 1927 up to 1932 Junkers airlines covered regular flights that transferred many passengers and also cargo’s even more than 10 local cities and 3 foreign destinations which were Baku Baghdad and Kabul.Gradually wealthy and civi official Iranian had an idea to establish airlines in their own country.This occur proved to be true and little by little they added Them to the number of Iranian airliner.


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